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20 mins | Short Drama

NFTS 2021

When a young girl is told that Santa is not real on Christmas Eve, she questions the lies told by adults and the secret that she is forced to keep.

NFTS Graduation Showcase 

Brooklyn Film Festival 

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 

BSC Short Film Cinematography Competition 

Wildsound Film and Screenplay Film Festival 

        * Winner of Best Cinematography

Watersprite Film Festival 

       *  Winner of Best Editing 

        * Nominated for Best Production Design 

Vancouver International Women in Film Festival 

Omaha Film Festival 

Manchester Film Festival 

Beeston Film Festival 

        * Nominated for Best Drama and Best Script

Crystal Palace International Film Festival

LA Student Film Festival

Learning on Screen Awards

Lake View International Film Festival 

Lighthouse International Film Festival 

Global Shorts

Toronto International Women in Film Festivavl

The Bechdel Film Festival

Pasadena International Film Festival 

Festival of Cinema NYC 

Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 

BELIFF - Be Epic! Film Fest London

          * Best Up and Coming Actress

Cinéfest Sudbury 

Shockfest Film Festival 


Raleigh Film and Art Festival 

San Jose International Short Film Festival 

SENE Film Festival

New Renaissance Film Festival 

San Diego International Film Festival 

SOHO International Film Festival 

Portland Film Festival 

Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival  

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